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“I have three different pairs of shoes I hate running in. Every time I run, I pick one pair, and I go out and run in them, and I enjoy it about as much as I enjoy brushing my teeth in the morning, except running lasts way longer.”

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Reverse Engineering


Reverse engineering is basically a verb which involves actions of   disassembling   and extracting what led to its formation ,and then, reproducing  its copy and if you are smart ,you can be the owner of its ‘pro’ version.

Earlier, this field of engineering was mostly used in mechanics and electronics for the world used to be hardware dependent. But  now it is making  space in software engineering too ,as now mostly we are software oriented crowd, by going from high level  English speaking  program  to ‘0-1’ speaking machine language,  which in fact , is the mother  tongue of our computers.

Just because its reverse “engineering”, it does not mean that Engineers have any copyright over this awesome technique because it follows democracy or else how do you think our Sherlock or any detective in this world make their living.

So frankly this makes you the expert of any unknown subject you are dealing with although you don’t even know the “A-B-C-D” of the subject and that makes it worthy for anyone   if he/she can see it. Enough of talking , let us move to few examples to get you a proof as history is full of proofs.

For example , as I read in some history magazine, rocket technology  was developed in India  by Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan and once they got defeated, long story short,  rockets were  captured by Britishers ,and were REVERSE ENGINEERED by their techies ,and then, it was used against the  Nepoleon  by Britishers , and of course they won. Similar example is when German encryption machine Enigma was captured and again was reverse engineered by Alan Turing ,same result, war was won.

So you can even win the war by using this technique, and  what’s  bigger than winning a war, don’t say ‘heart’, because we are the practical generation, living in the practical era, besides the fact we all are engineers in some way ,so if you are not, reverse engineer your way to it and you will be the one .